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Fic: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Title: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Author: dragontatt
Pairing: Shaun/Zach
Rating: Mature....ie...lots of sex...lol
Disclaimer: Shaun, Zach and the wonderful world of Shelter do not belong to me. Not profit is made and no insult is intended. Honest!
Word Count: 5559

Prompt: Zach wraps something besides presents in ribbons and bows

A/N: Many many thanks to fizzerbass for clamping down on my rampant comma use and putting up with my insanity...any remaining mistakes are all mine.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Zach was annoyed- seriously annoyed.

The house was quiet- by some miracle, Cody had conked out hours ago and was nestled all snug in his bed dreaming of chocolate chip pancakes or something, so at the very least, he and Shaun should be making out by now under the twinkling lights of their very first Christmas tree. And they would have been too, if Shaun had just listened to Zach any time over the last week when he’d said that now would be a good time to start wrapping all those presents Shaun had hidden away in the very tip-top of the closet.

But did Shaun pay any attention? No- and now he was barricaded away in the study, wrestling with the paper, struggling with the ribbon and the tape, and wrapping a huge pile of presents that Zach couldn’t help him with, because Shaun wanted them all to be a surprise. Which left Zach where he was now, lying in their bed, alone and frustrated.

He’d tried to tell Shaun he didn’t really care if his presents were wrapped or not- just to save time, you know- but Shaun wanted everything to be perfect for their first Christmas together. And there was a small part of him- okay, a big part really- that was sort of giddy about what was shaping up to be his first real Christmas since his mom had died. But still, Shaun should have listened to him, and started sooner, cause then they could have both been getting a special sort of gift right about now.

Zach rolled onto his back with an angry grunt and lashed out with one leg to kick an errant pillow to the floor before propping his head on his arms. Across the room, right in front of him, was a plastic shopping bag that held the leftover paper and ribbons he’d used to wrap all the presents he’d bought: a new skateboard (with helmet, kneepads and wrist guards) for Cody, plus an awesome Matchbox racetrack that launched the cars so they’d crash in mid-air, and a leather portfolio for Shaun to use on those days when his sometimes reluctant muse just refused meet him at his desk, and he needed to go in search of it at the beach, or the coffee shop or the park. That, and a Dubè 3-beanbag juggling set, because a half-drunk Shaun had once confessed he thought it’d be cool to learn to juggle chainsaws, and Zach figured he should probably start out with something a little less deadly.

If he squinted his eyes just so, he could make out one edge of the surfin’ Santa paper peeking over the top of the bag- Santa was riding a pretty gnarly wave while wearing shades and an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, and he knew Shaun would get a kick out of it. And just there, near the wall, he could see a couple strands of red ribbon that curled and gleamed in the light shining from the bedside table.

As he stared at the ribbon, they swung in a tangled arc in the warm air coming from the vent (they’d been having an honest-to-God cold spell lately, and it was currently 45 degrees outside) and a tiny idea tickled at the back of his mind.


Shaun carefully pulled off another piece of tape, thumbing it down in a neat line across the two edges of the surfin’ Santa wrapping paper he’d been holding awkwardly in place with his elbow. He’d bought the paper especially for Zach, and he only needed a few more folds in it, plus some tape and a ribbon and he’d be done- about damn time.

He was beginning to think Zach was right, and he should change the long standing Andrews family tradition of wrapping all the kids’ presents on Christmas Eve. It was just too much work, and he was pretty sure he’d figured out why he started getting lots of gift certificates when he was about 14 years old.

He turned the package on its side and started folding the free edges of the paper against the box that held one of Zach’s presents- a green and gray messenger bag, with a silver sunburst graphic on the front. It had a special insert to hold all Zach’s Sharpies and pens, with plenty of room left over for his sketch books and spray paint besides- Shaun hoped he’d like it better than his old backpack.

The other present he’d gotten Zach was already wrapped. It was a laptop skin he’d custom ordered from some website after emailing them a scan of a picture Zach had taken of a mural he’d painted on the side of a liquor store in San Pedro.

While on the phone with his agent a couple months ago, he’d been thumbing through some pictures Zach had left lying around and the picture of the mural instantly caught his eye. So much so, he was still staring at it five minutes later when he hung up.

At first glance, it was a tree, roots reaching deep in sweeping black arcs, but the longer he stared the more he noticed- the curves on one side were dunes and with a mental ‘ahh’ he realized it was a wave.

A huge wave, reaching to the sky, black slashes marking the bare outline of an abstract surfer as he cut in from the left, gracefully riding the curl as it crashed through the midst of San Pedro.

The cranes and the diner were easily evident now that he just looked. The water rushed through in curves of white and red, upsetting the careful balance of a life too full of compartments and restrictions, shattering the comfort of structure, and washing out the loneliness, and then- here and now, love bloomed safely on the far side of the rushing waters.

Hours later, still bowled over by the picture of the mural, Shaun had asked Zach about it as soon as he got home. Zach had brushed off his praise in modest annoyance and turned away, but not before Shaun had seen the heartbreak on his face when Zach casually told him it was gone, painted over like so much graffiti.

Shaun had stood and rested his hands softly on Zach’s shoulders, squeezing them gently for a moment. But that was all the comfort Zach would accept before twisting away roughly when Cody came into the room.

He’d still been mulling over what to do about it days later, when he’d stumbled across a website that promised to let you ‘add your schtick to your stuff.’ It was perfect. All he had to do was email the company a picture of Zach’s mural, cutting out the electrical box and the big, blue and orange sign from the corner, and in three short weeks he’d had a perfect, miniature cling version of Zach’s artwork. One he could add to the cover of his new Dell laptop and carry with him always, never to be painted over or erased or forgotten.

He taped the last fold down and slapped a pre-made bow on the corner of the box- his mom would have been horrified but that was all he had the energy for. He set the gift on the floor next to the others he’d wrapped- including a kick-ass pair of rollerblades for Cody- and with a sigh, started gathering all the bits of paper and ribbon he’d strewn around, crumpling them into a big ball before stuffing them into an empty shopping bag.


Shaun reached for his phone in the front pocket of his jeans, but it wasn’t there.


He slapped at his back pocket, but that was empty too.


Oh. He dug deep into the pile of trash still on the table and followed the ringing to the far corner as he sent an avalanche of paper flying to the floor before finally grabbing his phone.

“Hello?” he answered a bit breathlessly.

“Aren’t you done yet?”

“Almost- not quite. I’m cleaning up.”

“Don’t worry about that now- I need you for something.”

“What?” Shaun cradled the phone between shoulder and ear as he stuffed another handful of trash into the bag.

“One last present I forgot- I need your help with it.”

Shaun chuckled and said, “Oh, so I’m not the only one who puts off stuff till the very last minute, huh?”

“Oh, just get in here already, dude.” And Zach hung up the phone.

Shaun tossed his phone on the couch and took a few extra seconds to bag the last bit of trash. He was finally done, and once he helped Zach out with whatever it was, they could carry all the presents out to the tree together.

He stood up straight and leaned carefully backwards, stretching out his lower back with a loud satisfied grunt before heading for the door.


He opened the bedroom door with a mighty yawn. “Babe, I’m gonna need you to help me with-”

Shaun’s voice trailed off when he finally looked at the bed. His eyes went wide and he let out a flustered breath that was half laughter, half awe.

“Wow,” he said softly as his gaze slowly traveled the length of Zach’s body.

Zach was stretched out on his side across the bed, head propped on one hand, legs splayed casually. He was naked, tan skin glistening in the soft light of the bedside lamp. His cock was hard and tight up against his belly, but that wasn’t the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping thing about this unexpected tableau.

Nope- that had to be the way Zach was decorated. Two slender strands of red ribbons were entwined in a careful spiral around his cock, so that it looked like a candy cane, and Shaun’s mouth watered as he stared at it in slack-jawed silence.

As he watched, Zach’s cock twitched once, and Shaun’s gaze dropped to the silver metallic bow jauntily resting on the soft skin of his balls.

“Oh wow,” Shaun said again before looking at Zach’s face for the first time since entering the room and he smiled broadly at the red and white Santa hat that Zach was wearing.

Zach gave a tiny, almost shy smile and said, “Merry Christmas?”

Shaun ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip. “You’re a little early, aren’t you?”

“Nope- you took so long with your presents it’s already past midnight.”

“And you’re absolutely sure I deserve such a nice present?” He took a slow step toward the bed, gaze flickering between Zach’s face and his groin.

“Well, have you been naughty or nice this year?” Zach asked with a grin.

“Naughty, for the most part,” Shaun said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m a bad Santa then.”

Shaun grinned, dimples popping, and said, “I’m not sure it works like that.” He took another step closer.

“Hey< I can put it away if you want.”

Zach reached down with one hand- to do what, Shaun wasn’t sure- but he stopped him by blurting, “No,” as he practically lunged for the bed. He ended up kneeling next to Zach’s groin, and he held up one hand to keep Zach at bay. “Don’t you dare touch my present,” he said with a grin.

“Well, if you insist,” Zach said and he pulled off the Santa hat and tossed it on the floor before lying down, arms folded neatly beneath his head like a pillow. “Guess you better get busy unwrapping then.”

Shaun smiled again and pulled his shirt off over his head before reaching out with one gentle finger to trace the ribbons that curled their way around Zach’s hard cock. The skin under his fingertip was warm and soft, and he groaned out loud before leaning close enough to smell the light musk of Zach’s freshly showered skin.

He buried his nose in the coarse hair at the base of Zach’s cock a moment before tracing his tongue softly over the curve of ribbons as they made their way around in a perfect spiral. As he slid his lips over soft, smooth skin, the ribbons loosened where Zach had tucked them tight at the bottom and Shaun grinned at a sudden overwhelming urge.

He leaned up and pulled at the ribbons, unwinding them carefully. He sat up and swung his leg over Zach’s, settling onto his lower thighs before pulling at them again, unwinding the final curls. He held the tangle of ribbons aloft with a little, “Ta-dah!”

Zach lifted his head and opened one eye to peer carefully at Shaun before saying, “You-uh- planning to get on with it there, slow-poke?”

He started to reach for Shaun, but Shaun cleverly dodged his questing hand by rising to his knees and grabbing Zach’s wrist, pushing his arm backwards till it was flat on the bed. “Unh uh- you lay still.”

Zach grinned and reached up with his free hand to tickle Shaun’s completely exposed and vulnerable armpit.

“Ahhh- not fair!”

Shaun twisted frantically to grab Zach’s other wrist, managing to wrestle it down onto the bed next to the first one he’d captured, before blowing out a relieved huff of air. He was straddling Zach’s hips, with his own spread wide and he was bent down low enough he could feel the heat radiating off Zach’s erection a fraction of an inch below his belly. He took a moment to catch his breath before looking down and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the look on Zach’s face. His eyes were wide and full of something not quite describable- hope maybe, or just plain longing. It was the same look Zach had given him just before they’d kissed for the first time, and he hadn’t been able to define it then, either. He watched as Zach ran the tip of his tongue over his lower lip, his gaze flickering once to Shaun’s mouth before returning.

Shaun smiled and almost experimentally pushed both of Zach’s wrists an inch deeper into the cushioned softness of their pillow-top mattress. Zach inhaled a tiny breath, eyes going wider for a split second before he closed them tight.

Huh. He asked in a deliberately casual tone, “Can I trust you not to try that again?” He paused and Zach opened his eyes. “Or do I have to tie you down?”

Zach huffed out a startled breath and his cock twitched in obvious interest, thumping softly against the skin of Shaun’s stomach.

Shaun smiled sweetly before leaning close to press a gentle kiss to Zach’s lips. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he said against the softness of Zach’s mouth.

Zach’s eyes, which had fluttered closed during their brief kiss, opened wide when the meaning of Shaun’s words sank in and he twisted his wrists, trying to break free of Shaun’s grasp.

“Now, now- you know better than that,” Shaun said and he grinned as Zach ceased his half-hearted struggles and looked up in obvious surrender. He shifted his weight so he could reach farther and carefully slid Zach’s wrists closer together- no sense giving him a blatant opportunity for escape. He grabbed them both with one hand, holding them tight to the bed, and reached down next to his leg, groping around blindly with his free hand. Ahhh- there we go.

Nabbing the ribbons that he’d unwrapped from around Zach’s cock just seconds ago, he brought them up to Zach’s wrists- one circle around both wrists, and then two, pulling Zach’s arms a little straighter to reach the spindles of the headboard. “Hold on to this,” he said and Zach obediently wrapped both hands around one spindle, threading his fingers together around it for support. Shaun wrapped the free ends twice around the spindle and tugged them tight before tying two firm overhand knots.

Shaun pushed up onto his hands and carefully inspected his handiwork. The ribbons obviously weren’t very strong, Zach could probably pull the knots loose with little effort, but the whole thing looked sexy as hell, with Zach stretched out submissively, the red ribbons shining against the tan of his skin. “Guess those two years I spent in the Boy Scouts weren’t a complete waste after all.”

He sat up straight, running one hand in a lazy swirl over Zach’s chest, carefully rubbing his thumb across both nipples and then down his stomach, fingers slowing to a stop a mere inch from where his cock still lay hard against his belly. His thumb slid down, rubbing a soft line through a few stray hairs and Zach groaned softly before saying, “So now what?”

“Patience you must learn, young Padawan.” He slid both hands firmly down the sides of Zach’s belly, thumbs outstretched so they barely touched the soft skin of his cock before he pulled away.

“And you must learn to not be such a damn tease,” Zach said, twisting his hips in a fruitless effort to get something, anything, to touch his cock.

But Shaun lifted his hands out of the way before pushing down on Zach’s hips, holding him still. “Tell you what- you promise to hold still, and I promise to get on with it- okay?”

“Yes, fine, just please- do something,” Zach blurted out before biting his lower lip in an attempt to not sound so needy.

Shaun grinned and ran his hand soothingly over Zach’s chest a moment before pushing up and getting off of the bed.

“Hey, where are you going?” Zach glared at him indignantly.

“Not very far- don’t worry,” Shaun said, pulling off his jeans and boxers before throwing them in a heap in the far corner of the room. He reached down to open the drawer of the nightstand.

Zach craned his neck but couldn’t quite see what Shaun was getting. He had a pretty good idea though and he pulled his knees up and spread his legs wide in anticipation.

Shaun turned his head when Zach moved, smiling as he said, “You’re kinda jumping the gun there, babe. I’ve got something a little different in mind.”

Zach quirked a confused eyebrow at Shaun, blinking a couple times when the other man stood up and walked to the end of the bed. “Just what do you have in mind?”

Shaun held up both hands, showing off what he’d gotten from the drawer- a bottle of lube and a condom. He tossed the foil packet on the bed before popping open the top and squirting an overly generous amount of lube on the first two fingers of his right hand.

He dropped the bottle on the floor before propping one foot on the edge of the bed. He bent forward and with a sly wink, reached behind with two slippery fingers to quickly slick himself up for Zach.

Zach’s mouth dropped open at the sight in front of him and his cock, which had softened slightly because of all the waiting around, hardened again in an instant.

Shaun stifled a moan, breath hitching a bit as his fingers slid deep, sending off a tiny spark at the base of his spine. He opened his eyes and grinned at the look on Zach’s face as he pulled his fingers free. He clambered up on the foot of the bed and gazed down in front of him- Zach’s hands were clenched tight enough around the spindle of the headboard that his knuckles were white, his cock was hard, and tight up against his stomach, pearly drop of precome glistening at the very tip. The look on his face was a mixture of awe and overwhelming desire as he stared up wide-eyed at Shaun looking down at him.

Shaun smiled softly before crouching down to reach for the condom. “You know how beautiful you are?” He tore open the foil and quickly, proficiently rolled the condom down the length of Zach’s erection- the soft touch of his fingers made Zach moan softly as a shiver ran down his spine.

The tip of Zach’s tongue darted out to wet his lower lip and he bit it absently as Shaun leaned forward to swing a leg over Zach’s hips.

Shaun paused as he loomed over Zach, hands planted firmly on either side of his head. He leaned closer, loving the way Zach lifted his head off the bed, eager to have their lips touch that much sooner. Zach’s lips were warm and soft and the feel of his tongue on Shaun’s sent a tiny shiver running across his shoulders. He drew back a fraction of an inch and whispered, “You figure out what I want for Christmas yet, babe?”

Zach smiled and said, “I have a vague idea, yeah.”

“Well, then- let me be blunt. I want you inside me- now.” With a tiny grin that brought out his dimples, he pushed up on one arm and reached behind him, grabbing Zach’s cock with his still slightly slippery fingers and sliding it between his cheeks.

Zach gasped as he felt first the warmth of Shaun’s skin enveloping him and then the exquisite tightness of Shaun’s ass sliding tantalizingly slowly down his cock, making him long to grab Shaun’s hips and pull him flush with his body. Instead, he lay there helpless, feeling the muscles of his biceps flex and bunch as he pulled futilely at the surprisingly strong ribbons that held him still, making him groan in frustration.

Shaun eased back slowly, teeth clenching from the slight burn he felt as the head of Zach’s cock pushed its way bluntly into his not very well stretched hole. He blew out a soothing stream of air and forced his hips down another slow inch.

“Careful there,” Zach said softly, intently watching the interplay of tension and desire clearly evident on Shaun’s face.

Shaun opened his eyes, smirking as he deliberately ground his hips down the rest of the way. He pushed up a bit on one arm and settled himself more fully on Zach’s cock, letting out a tiny hiss as the head of it rubbed firmly over his prostate deep inside as he rocked his hips.

Zach flexed his hips and thrust upwards, a tiny grin coming over his face when Shaun glared down at him.

“I thought I told you stay still,” Shaun scolded as he rose up a little shakily onto his knees only to sink back down onto Zach’s cock, bottoming out with a little grunt before rising up again.

“Sorry,” Zach panted out, thrusting upwards to meet Shaun on his way back down. He bent his legs and dug his feet into the bed as he pushed up, hips slamming into Shaun’s ass with a slap.

“Ahhh- well, next time I’m tying your legs down, too,” Shaun groaned out, throwing his head back after a particularly well placed thrust that had the head of his erect cock rubbing firmly up against his own stomach.

“Oh God, yeah,” Zach said, feeling the heat of a blush flare over his cheeks as he squeezed his eyes tight.

Shaun looked down at Zach and huffed out a breathless laugh. “Wow- you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you, babe?” He leaned forward, pressing his hands on Zach’s chest, fingers splayed, and slid down once more onto Zach’s cock, groaning at the way it filled and stretched him. Pausing, he grinned when Zach frowned underneath him.

“Yeah, I am- now move,” Zach pleaded, unconsciously pulling against the headboard so the veins in his forearms stood out in sharp relief. Shaun pursed his lips and tilted an eyebrow at him, so Zach licked his lips again and reluctantly gritted out, “Please?”

Shaun smiled and leaned forward carefully, making sure Zach’s cock didn’t slide all the way out as he craned his neck the last few inches to place a gentle, loving kiss on Zach’s soft lips. “As you wish.” Taking a deep breath, he pushed back, sliding all the way down the length of Zach’s cock, loving the feel of it deep inside.

Zach lay there, gritting his teeth with the effort of keeping still, breath coming faster and faster as Shaun rode him, working his hips in some magical way that made keeping his balance seem impossible, yet he never fell, never slowed, never broke rhythm.

Shaun arched his neck back, pushing up higher so only one hand was resting lightly on Zach’s chest, squeezing tight on his slow slide back down. He ran his fingertips gently across the warm skin of Zach’s chest, his thumb aimlessly circling a single pebbled nipple as Zach gasped and arched his back.

Zach blew out a loud breath and let his gaze travel the length of Shaun’s body. His head was thrown back and the curve of his neck glistened in the light from the bedside table. The muscles of his arms were taut as he pushed off of Zach’s shoulders before sliding back down and his cock was hard, the thick vein Zach loved to flick his tongue along clearly visible as it snaked its way at a slight angle down the front. As Zach watched, a drop of precome pearled momentarily at the very tip, balancing precariously, and was then knocked loose, running down the head of Shaun’s cock as he slid down with a loud groan, fingers pushing deep into the skin of Zach’s chest. Zach groaned and bit at his lower lip a moment before blurting out, “God, look at you.”

Shaun brought his head forward and looked at Zach with a smile quirking one corner of his mouth before tilting his head down to see his own erect cock bobbing slightly as he lowered down onto Zach’s cock once more. He lifted one hand from Zach’s shoulder and brought it to his cock, gripping it lightly and running his thumb over the slit, smearing the precome around before bringing his thumb to his mouth and sucking it clean.

Zach let out a strangled gasp- half laugh, half moan- and slid his feet up the bed again so he could thrust his hips up as Shaun rocked down.

Shaun grinned and said, “I knew you couldn’t stay still much longer,” before leaning farther forward and nodding slightly at Zach.

Zach loosened his nearly numb fingers from around the spindle of the headboard and flexed them once to encourage circulation before bending his arms so he could grab onto the slender strands of ribbon that kept his hands firmly away from where they longed to be- holding onto Shaun’s hips, pressing him down onto his cock. But since he couldn’t do that, he shifted his feet a bit closer instead and spread his knees wide, thrusting up with a quiet grunt as Shaun pressed down on top of him.

Shaun smiled down at Zach and looked deep into his eyes, reining in his movements a bit as Zach thrust against him, fat head of his cock pressing firmly on his prostate each time their bodies met in the middle, sending an uncontrollable shiver ran up his back. His thighs were burning from the constant contract and release, rise and fall of his body and he knew his fingers had to be digging painfully into Zach’s shoulders as he pressed them deep to keep his balance, but still he kept moving, sliding his tight hole down around the length of Zach’s hard cock with a groan, fingers curling so that his nails scratched at Zach’s skin while tiny explosions radiated out from the base of his spine in an ever-quickening tempo.

Zach groaned and pulled helplessly against the ribbons that held his arms above his head- they stretched a bit and then dug painfully into the soft skin at the base of his thumbs. He blew out a loud exasperated breath and forced his arms straight, all the while thrusting his hips up against each of Shaun’s tantalizing slides down.

Shaun clenched tight around Zach and brought one hand back to his cock- he grabbed it with his thumb and first two fingers just under the head, squeezing it tight and rubbing it at the same steady pace that he was fucking himself onto Zach with. “Oh God,” he moaned as his balls bounced gently off Zach’s fuzzy lower stomach.

“Look at me,” Zach panted out. “I wanna see your face when you come.”

Shaun’s eyes snapped open in surprise and he lifted his head from where it had dropped onto his chest- Zach never said much during sex, no matter how much Shaun begged him, and to hear him say something so hot without prompting had Shaun’s hand speeding up on his cock, his gaze locked firmly with Zach’s.

His breath was coming hard through clenched teeth as he stroked himself, tiny electric shocks dancing their way just under the surface of his skin making him moan loudly and bite at his bottom lip.

Zach pulled hard against the ribbons, struggling to gain more leverage as he moved his hips in counterpoint to Shaun’s. “You’re so damn gorgeous like that,” he said, a wave of shivers rippling across his chest, his nipples going hard where Shaun’s fingertips unconsciously dug in deep. He slammed his hips up as hard as he could, ramming home deep within Shaun.

“Oh God, Zach,” Shaun groaned out, stroking hand speeding up momentarily before his entire body froze- head thrown back and eyes squeezed tight, ass lifted enough that Zach could thrust repeatedly into him with all his might. The only movement he made was the jerking and throbbing of his cock as it spurted out jet after jet of hot, white come that arched into the air before landing on Zach’s chest.

Shaun’s ass clenched tight around Zach’s cock, causing his hips to stutter before thrusting up hard once, twice, making him come with a loud moan, back arching and wrists pulling down on the red ribbons that encircled them.

Shaun stayed still a moment or two before pretty much collapsing forward onto Zach’s chest in exhaustion, Zach’s still mostly hard cock slipping out and slapping wetly onto his belly.

Zach let out a tiny “oof” before raising his head just long enough to press one gentle kiss to the soft hair on Shaun’s head. He laid his head back down and closed his eyes with a sigh.

After a moment Shaun rolled off Zach’s chest with a grunt of effort and carefully reached down to the floor to pick up the hand towel they’d quickly learned to keep stashed under the edge of the bed. He ran it once over his chest and then rolled onto his side to clean off Zach’s. He reached down and pulled off the used condom, tossing it into the tiny trashcan beside the bed before cleaning the remaining lube from between his own cheeks and dropping the towel on the floor. He lay down again, laying his head on Zach’s chest with a little sigh.

Zach opened his eyes and turned his head. “You forget something?” he asked, giving the ribbons a tiny jerk.

“Hmmm- don’t think so,” said Shaun sleepily. “Didn’t you ask Santa for a Swiss army knife this year?”

Zach chuckled softly before saying, “No, I didn’t.”

Shaun snuggled a little closer and said, “Guess you’re shit outta luck then, huh, ‘cause it’s late and besides you look really hot like that.” He smiled into the skin of Zach’s chest.

“Fine, but that means you get to explain to Cody why I’m tied up like this when he comes bouncing in at six o’clock tomorrow, hollering ‘it’s Christmas, it’s Christmas.’”

“Damn.” Shaun’s eyes flew open. “You do have a point there.” He pushed himself up with a pained groan and took a cursory glance at Zach’s wrists before quickly realizing that cutting was the only way to free him. “Where’re the scissors?”

“Over there.” Zach nodded toward the table across the room where’d he wrapped all his presents the weekend before.

Shaun stood up with legs that felt like they would collapse any second and took three unsteady steps over to the table before returning with the scissors. He knelt on the bed next to Zach’s head and leaned in close to make one, two, three careful snips, freeing Zach’s wrists.

Zach pulled his arms down with a satisfied “ahhh” before rubbing first one, then the other wrist with the fingers of the opposite hand. He let out a tiny hiss and Shaun dropped the scissors on the nightstand before reaching out to grab Zach’s forearm.

“You okay?” he asked, squinting in the soft light as he peered at Zach’s wrists. There were a few red marks visible but no blood, so he pressed a gentle kiss to the palm of Zach’s hand before lying back down and turning towards him. He threw one arm wide for Zach to rest his head on.

“I’m fine,” Zach assured him before he continued firmly, “but I’ll tell you this. Tomorrow you and I are going Googling for some fur-lined handcuffs, you hear me?” He rolled toward Shaun and propped his head on Shaun’s bicep, a tiny blush spreading across his cheeks.

All Shaun could do was nod, one corner of his mouth turned up in a small smile as he responded meekly, “Yes, sir.”

The End

Here's a tiny bit of artwork to go along with the story...alas it is perfectly work-safe...

Here's some idea of what Zach looked like in the story....

And this is what his laptop skin (kind of) looked like...

p.s.- Yes, our boys did (barely) manage to wake up in time to get the presents under the tree...

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