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Fic: Relax, and You'll Learn by dragontatt

Title: Relax, and You'll Learn
Author/Artist: dragontatt
Pairing/Characters: Shaun/Zach
Rating/Genre: FRAO
Notes/Warnings: umm....porn? Do I seriously need to warn for that? *g*
Word Count: 3409

A/N #1~~For the Shelter First Time Challenge

A/N #2~~Beta'ed mightily by the awesome go_away_finchel, the superlative boonesfarmgirl and the delectable true_enough....I couldn't have done it without you guys. *squishes*

Zach sat in his favorite place- on a stool in his so-called backyard, with the Vincent standing blue and beautiful on the horizon. He was chewing on the side of his thumb, and ignoring the view that had always captivated and inspired him. Tonight, the bridge was the furthest thing from his mind….

His forehead wrinkled momentarily and his heels bounced on the broken concrete. He stood determinedly and walked ten feet before stopping abruptly and turning around. His pulse was racing and his nerves were shot….’C’mon, dammit.’

He turned again and walked off, jaw clenched, hands balled into fists so tight that the tendons of his wrists stood out in sharp relief- but this time he made it all the way to the car.

Once in the driver’s seat, he gripped the steering wheel like it was the only thing keeping him there. He rested his forehead on it with his eyes closed tight, mumbling to himself, ‘God, what’s- I know he- oh, fuck it.’ He turned the key almost savagely, a small part of his brain still wishing for catastrophic engine failure.

~ ~ ~ ~

He stood stock still in the small pool of light outside Shaun’s door, fists stuffed into the pockets of his jeans, head down. It was at least a minute before he could force one sneakered foot to move, banging it fiercely into the kick plate of the door. He flinched at the noise that echoed loudly across the porch, but once he started, he couldn’t stop. He stood there, slowly and rhythmically banging his foot, a little more gently perhaps, into the door even after he saw shadows move inside the house. He pulled his hands free, forcing them open and giving his fingers a little shake.

Shaun opened the door, confusion evident on his face and took a small breath, as if to speak, but before he could say a word, Zach was moving, reaching for him with fingers that trembled, and ached to touch him.

Zach hadn’t been quite sure what he was going to do, even after all his fretting and thinking and worrying. Then he saw Shaun’s face, his gaze landing on Shaun’s lips, and Zach’s heartbeat sped up double time. He looked up into Shaun’s eyes, so blue and full of concern, and only then was Zach absolutely sure he was going to kiss him. Had to kiss him, in fact, and so he’d raised his hands to Shaun’s face, fingers already tingling, anticipating the warmth and texture of his skin.

Zach’s fingers skittered across Shaun’s cheek and Shaun gave a tiny jump. Zach felt it clearly, like a shock through his system, and he moved closer and then his lips touched Shaun’s. They were soft and warm, and his brain pretty much shut down at that point. He stumbled forward a step, pushing Shaun in front of him, and then without thinking he took a half-step to the side so Shaun could swing the door closed. His fingers were splayed wide on the back of Shaun’s head, while Shaun’s arms were propped against the wall a seemingly careless inch away from actually touching him.

Shaun pulled back, searching Zach’s eyes closely- for what exactly, Zach wasn’t sure, but he must have found the answer to his unasked question because a second later Shaun leaned back in, kissing him, the tip of his tongue coming out just enough to taste Zach’s bottom lip.

Zach gasped at that tiny touch, and then he was moving again, pushing forward, driving Shaun mindlessly toward the stairs even as he lifted the bottom of his shirt over his head. Then he grabbed Shaun again, hands lifting to his neck, pulling him close for more kisses- frantic ones, and as they stumbled together up the bottom steps, Zach nipped at Shaun’s lower lip, half by accident, and Shaun let out a low groan and dug his fingertips into the skin of Zach’s waist before bringing them together around the front to fumble at his fly.

Four steps up and Zach was pulling Shaun’s jeans down, stumbling backwards and almost falling as his own jeans caught around his knees. Shaun grinned and offered Zach a hand, pulling him up roughly before grabbing his face and kissing him- hard, teeth clashing for a second before he pulled back and let out a breathless puff of laughter.

Zach stared at Shaun in surprise a moment, and then he grinned and pulled him closer, offering teasingly random kisses as he backed them up the rest of the stairs and across the floor. The back of his knees hit the bed, and then Shaun pushed him down onto it, tiny grin crooking the corner of his mouth.

Zach scooted back as fast as he could as Shaun climbed on top of him. At the first press of Shaun’s body against his, Zach reached up, pulling him flush against his chest, and their lips met in a frantic crush. Zach ran his hands over the smooth skin of Shaun’s back as Shaun kissed the side of his neck, and he made a pleased humming sound in the back of his throat before he pushed up and rolled them over.

Zach pressed his hands to Shaun’s chest, holding him in place, running his tongue shyly along Shaun’s bottom lip. Shaun bucked underneath him, his cloth-covered erection pressing against Zach’s and forcing groans out of both men. Shaun’s hand slid lower, grabbing Zach’s hip as he thrust up against him, mouth opening sweetly to Zach’s curious tongue.

At the feel of Shaun’s tongue twining against his own, Zach’s fingers dug deep into Shaun’s biceps, and he thrust his hips down, grinding helplessly against Shaun’s cock.

Shaun squeezed Zach’s hip tight before pushing hard against the bed with one foot, rolling them both over once again. More kisses followed, tongues slipping easily together while Shaun ran his fingertips gently across Zach’s chest, and then Shaun was sliding his way down Zach’s body, placing careful deliberate kisses along the way until he reached Zach’s belly. Here he paused and pulled at the waistband of Zach’s boxers until Zach caught on and lifted his hips enough for Shaun to strip him.

Shaun inhaled loudly as the cloth slid down to uncover Zach’s abdomen, and then he lowered his head to press a kiss below his navel, swiping his tongue through the little trail of dark hair that led downwards from there.

Zach let out a tiny gasp, and squeezed Shaun’s shoulder, fingertips pressing in deep as Shaun slid farther down. His tongue swirled lazily over Zach’s lower abs, tracing the curves of his muscles in appreciation, even as his hand slid over to grasp Zach firmly by the base of his cock.

“Oh,” was all Zach managed as Shaun’s tongue circled, warm and wet, around the head of his dick, and he could feel his cheeks burn at the needy tone of his own voice in just that one short word.

Shaun moved a little further down the bed, propping his elbow beside Zach’s thigh for support, and he began working in earnest. His mouth moved smoothly up and down the length of Zach’s cock while his free hand rubbed soothing circles along his thigh.

Zach threw his arms over his head, unconscious smile on his face as Shaun flicked his tongue down the length of his cock before moving back up and sucking the head of it into his mouth once more. Zach’s eyes rolled back in his head, and his back arched helplessly, as tiny shivers ran down his spine at the feel of Shaun’s mouth, smooth and perfect, surrounding him, and Shaun’s warm hand cupping his balls, his thumb rolling them gently. It was perfect, but it was all too much, and yet not enough, and it was too soon. He wanted more, and so he slid his hand over to the back of Shaun’s head, fingers gripping his short hair tightly, and he gasped out, “Come here- please,” as Shaun pulled away in surprise.

Shaun opened his mouth, but Zach silenced whatever words he was going to say by running a soft thumb down his cheek and then across his lower lip before whispering, “Not yet,” in a shy voice.

Shaun smiled then, one corner of his mouth lifting just enough to let Zach know he understood and he let go of Zach’s cock with a tiny sigh. Leaning down, he quickly pulled his own boxers off, tossing them on the far corner of the bed, and then he turned around and made his way back up Zach’s body, again pressing leisurely kisses randomly along the way.

By the time Shaun’s lips neared his once more, Zach’s heartbeat had returned to almost normal, and he smiled in relief- he’d been embarrassingly close to going off faster than a fifteen-year old getting his first hand job.

Their mouths came together again, fumbling and eager, Shaun’s tongue slipping slyly into Zach’s mouth. Zach slid his hands firmly down Shaun’s back, wanting to feel everything, and then he slipped his fingers into the groove of Shaun’s spine before surging up, and over, flipping Shaun onto his back with a grunt of effort.

He trailed his fingers along the curve of Shaun’s biceps, and leaned down to kiss him, pulling his bottom lip carefully up over the rough whiskers on his chin before capturing Shaun’s lip between his teeth.

Shaun groaned and thrust upward, rubbing his hard cock firmly against Zach’s, hands pressed into Zach’s hips to keep him in place.

Zach gasped into Shaun’s mouth, and pulled his head back in time to see a tiny pleased smile come over Shaun’s face. Shaun thrust up again, hard length of his cock sliding along Zach’s, delicious friction making little sparks radiate out from his groin.

Zach moaned and moved his hips frantically against Shaun, who grinned up at him and asked, “You like that?” in a low rumbling voice.

Although Zach knew it wasn’t really a question, he smiled and nodded, huffing out an embarrassed puff of laughter even as his cheeks tinged pink. Shaun’s eyes went wide at the look on Zach’s face, and he reached up, sliding one free hand along Zach’s face, and leaned in close for a kiss, before pushing up with one foot and rolling them both over.

Zach smiled up at him, but the look on Shaun’s face, a dangerous mix of desire and determination, sent shivers down his spine. With one sure, swift move of his leg, Shaun spread Zach’s legs wide and slipped between them. He moved his hands just above Zach’s shoulders for support, and then tipped his head. Glancing down between their bodies, he quickly aligned their cocks so they were nestled flush against each other. Looking back up into Zach’s eyes, he moved his hips, deliberately dragging the tip of his cock first down, and then back up, the length of Zach’s.

Zach shuddered underneath him, fingers grasping Shaun’s hips hard enough to blanch the skin beneath them, and rocked himself in counterpoint to the slow and tortuous tempo Shaun set up. Zach wrapped his arms around Shaun’s neck, pulling up to kiss him- a soft, exploring kiss, all searching tongue and nibbling lips that made him moan and gasp out loud. He crossed his wrists behind Shaun’s neck, and threaded the fingers of one hand into Shaun’s hair, all the while rocking his hips to match the intoxicating rhythm of Shaun thrusting against him.

Shaun stared down at Zach, a look akin to awe openly on his face. He was breathing hard through clenched teeth and drops of sweat rolled from his scalp onto his forehead, and he blinked off the threat of imminent blindness. Yet he still rolled his hips in the same slow sweet cadence, hard cock sliding maddeningly up the length of Zach’s.

The precome that dripped from the head of Shaun’s dick eased the way of every delicious thrust, making Zach gasp and arch his back. It felt like molten lava was pooling at the base of his spine- it oozed out along his every nerve, and threatened to make his skin combust. Zach groaned and ran his hands down Shaun’s back to grab his ass, pulling him tight against him on his next thrust, and only then did Shaun’s rhythm falter, his eyes squeezing tight and his hips stuttering briefly in obvious sensory overload.

Shaun opened his eyes- his pupils were blown so wide his eyes looked almost black even in the brightness of the bedroom. He moved his hands to Zach’s face, capturing it between his palms, and kissed him almost violently, teeth sliding over Zach’s bottom lip momentarily even as he thrust down hard with a shimmy of his hips.

Zach moaned, loud in the back of his throat, and lifted one leg to wrap around Shaun’s, threading it in between his legs to pull him even closer. He shifted his other foot up, so he could push off the bed with it, and molded himself to Shaun like he never wanted to let go.

Shaun placed his hands on either side of Zach’s shoulders again, muscles straining with the effort of holding himself up as they moved together, nearly as one. With each downward thrust of Shaun’s hips, the head of Zach’s dick ran roughly over Shaun’s pubic hair before sliding up to slip easily into the angle between the silky length of his cock and his firm abs. Zach arched his back- neck exposed and vulnerable, eyes closed tight as he held on to Shaun’s hips, helpless and needy. His breathing sounded loud and out of control, even to himself.

Shaun bent his head and ran the tip of his tongue up the curve of Zach’s neck, an appreciative moan coming from deep in this throat as he neared Zach’s earlobe. He swirled his tongue around it, hot and wet, sucking it into his mouth before raking his teeth gently along it as he pulled back.

Zach gasped as Shaun’s sharp teeth nipped at his ear, and an uncontrollable shiver ran down his back. Zach could feel the weight of Shaun’s too-close gaze, and he turned his head away from such intense scrutiny, biting his lower lip and squeezing his eyes tight as he did. His cock was achingly hard, and his balls had long ago drawn up tight. A deep tingling heat was smoldering at the base of his spine, and as he dug his fingertips into Shaun’s hips, he let out a choked-off groan.

Shaun leaned close to Zach’s ear again, and Zach unconsciously angled his neck up, but Shaun ignored his offer and whispered in a voice rough with passion, “Zach…look at me, Zach,” before pulling back a few scant inches.

Zach turned his head, nose rubbing cat-like against Shaun’s cheek, eyes still closed tight.

“Babe.” Shaun’s voice cracked a bit, with something akin to desperation clearly audible.

Zach nuzzled against Shaun’s face a moment longer and then he opened his eyes, cheeks blushing pink before he even looked at the man above him.

Shaun’s face was flushed from his exertion, and his forehead covered with sweat. His lips were parched from his own heavy breathing and as Zach stared up at him, transfixed by what he saw, the tip of his tongue came to wet his lower lip. He kissed Zach with butterfly softness and then pulled back a fraction of an inch, lower lip sticking slightly to Zach’s, and said softly, “Come for me, Zach. Please….”

Zach’s eyes went wide, and his breath hitched deep in his throat- that was all he needed to hear. Those tiny tingles that had been smoldering, lying nearly dormant, suddenly flashed over along every inch of his body, just under the surface of his skin. He gasped out a broken, “Oh God, Shaun,” and he dug his nails roughly into Shaun’s hips. His nipples went painfully hard in an instant, and as he fought to keep his eyes open, to keep his gaze locked with Shaun’s, a violent shudder went down his back and he was coming hard, jets of hot liquid pulsing into the tiny space between their two bodies and landing on the quivering muscles of his stomach.

Shaun gasped as he felt the first hot-slick-wet spurts splash onto his skin, and he sped up his frantic thrusts against Zach, who was suddenly slippery and frictionless. With a long, drawn-out groan, he came, cock pulsing time after time to add to the pool of wet that was covering Zach’s stomach. His head was thrown back, and he was nearly motionless for a long moment, except for the minute tremors that made their way along his abdomen with every loud breath. Finally he dropped his head with a small sigh, and laid down, tucking his head into the curve of Zach’s neck, and closing his eyes, eyelashes tickling Zach’s neck momentarily.

Zach lay there, still breathing hard, heart pounding in his chest, and stared at the ceiling. His hands lay gently on Shaun’s lower back, and he found himself absently drawing one finger softly down the curves of his spine. He wasn’t sure what would happen next- he felt shy and oddly vulnerable, and as his mind whirled, his fingers traced secret shapes onto the warm skin of Shaun’s back.

Shaun let out a pleased groan, and pushed up onto one elbow. He looked down at Zach with a tired smile, but Zach was still looking at the ceiling. Shaun brought one hand up to cup his cheek, tilting Zach’s face toward him.

Zach blinked a couple of times to clear his vision, and then a tremulous smile came to his lips when he saw the look on Shaun’s face. He couldn’t interpret every emotion he saw there, but the acceptance and patience that were so clearly evident, almost overshadowing the joy, were enough for now; the rest could wait. Zach tilted his head into Shaun’s palm and closed his eyes a moment, then looked up him again with a smile that felt almost giddy.

Shaun smiled back, sweetly, and leaned close to gently kiss Zach. He pulled back and whispered, “I’ll be right back, okay?”, and when Zach nodded, he pushed up and rolled off of him, reaching for the corner of the bed and the boxers he’d thrown there earlier.

He ran the soft fabric over Zach’s stomach, cleaning him off carefully before doing the same thing to himself. With a nonchalant grin, he threw the boxers over his shoulder and lay back down close to Zach, tucking one arm under his head like a pillow. After looking at Zach a long moment, tiny smile on his face, he asked carefully, “You alright?” like he wasn’t really sure of the answer.

Zach paused a second and considered the question. Alright? That wasn’t exactly the word for it- he felt….shattered, yet… cleansed somehow. Like he’d been- broken into a million pieces and put back together in some minutely different, yet completely right way. The edges of the pieces were still a rough fit in some places, and he knew the polishing would take some time, and he also knew there was no way he could put any of that into words. So he just smiled and nodded before saying, “Tired, though.”

Shaun nodded, and moved onto his back, reaching out to grab Zach’s hand and tugging. “Come here.”

Zach moved closer, and Shaun slipped his arm around his shoulder, drawing Zach’s head down onto his chest. It took Zach a few moments of moving around to find a comfortable way to wrap himself around Shaun- arm draped over his chest and leg propped up against his thigh. But finally he stopped wiggling, and just lay there, appreciating the comfortable silence.

Shaun let out a tiny sigh, and pressed a gentle kiss to Zach’s temple before reaching out and turning off the bedside lamp.

Even as his eyes slipped closed, Zach knew he wouldn’t stay curled up like this with Shaun for long- not with the way he normally tossed and turned at night. But for now, with the warm skin of Shaun’s chest under his cheek, and the soft gentle circling of Shaun’s thumb along the crest of his shoulder, and the slow steady beating of Shaun’s heart under his fingertips- for now, anyway, it was all good.

PS~~ I can haz author's tag now, plz?
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